Best Way to Clean Your Attic

The attic often remains an overlooked area of a home unless it’s been converted into an office, playroom, or guest room. Nevertheless, it’s essential not to disregard it. Both finished and unfinished attic spaces directly impact our living environment. Even an empty and dusty attic can significantly affect a home’s air quality, particularly for those dealing with asthma and allergies.

Everyday allergens like insect droppings, dust, and mold can infiltrate your living areas through attic doors, ceiling openings, recessed lights, and HVAC systems if they are situated in the attic. Thus, it’s crucial to prioritize your attic’s thorough cleaning and upkeep to maintain a healthy living environment.

This article will discuss the best way to clean your attic. Let’s get started.

Empty Your Attic

It’s best to clear out the entire attic to kickstart the cleaning process. A space is more straightforward to clean and leaves no room for missed spots. While enlisting a couple of helpers to move items is ideal, there’s an alternative if you’re alone.

You can shift everything to one side and tackle cleaning half the room at a time. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean each item before moving it to the freshly cleaned section. This approach ensures a cleaner attic, even if extra help isn’t available.

Remove Dust and Cobwebs

An attic filled with dust and a musty odor can trigger allergic reactions. Over time, it can impact the rest of your home if neglected. Depending on when it was last cleaned and the number of cobwebs, your attic seems like a horror movie.

Manual dusting with a damp cloth is recommended because dust accumulation over extended periods results in thick layers that a vacuum cleaner alone can’t effectively remove. Start by cleaning the attic ceiling and work your way down the walls, saving the floor for last to avoid doubling your work.

When dealing with cobwebs, remove the spiders to prevent immediate cobwebs. Don’t overlook cleaning vents and windows for a comprehensive, deep clean. If you are allergic, consider hiring the 2Buckets cleaners in Erie, CO, to clean it.

Vacuum and Sweep

Using a broom to remove dust can often create more mess than it cleans. It’s smarter to commence with a vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum to pick up larger debris, then proceed to suction up as much as possible from one end of the room to the other. Selecting the right type of vacuum matters in this task.

High-efficiency models with bags or canisters equipped with filters work best. These vacuums capture dust mites, deceased insects, and allergens that accumulate in quiet attic spaces.

Use hoses and other vacuum extensions for tight corners and oddly shaped areas to ensure a deep clean. Afterward, sweep up any remaining dust and debris with a broom for a final touch.

Clean Windows and Screens

If there are windows in your attic, it is essential to keep them clean. To clean the windows, use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner for the interior panes. If access allows, clean the outside panes for a complete cleaning. Remember to clean the window screens as well.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your attic’s windows and screens is critical for creating a brighter and more pleasant environment and maintaining optimal air quality.

Clean windows and screens prevent dust and allergens from entering the attic, leading to a healthier and more pleasant atmosphere.

Attic Maintenance and Inspection

After cleaning your attic, inspect the insulation. If it’s fallen below the floor joists, add more. If floor joists are concealed by insulation, it’s likely in good condition.

Ensure uniform distribution with no gaps. Also, Check for signs of dampness, mold, or mildew in the insulation. Attics influence your home’s air quality; replace damaged insulation to prevent contaminants from entering.

Thoroughly examine the attic for moisture and mold. Mold appears in various colors and emits a musty odor. It can be harmful, especially if you have asthma or allergies, so promptly seek attic cleaning services if detected. Addressing mold swiftly is crucial for preventing respiratory issues.

Daily Attic Cleaning and Organizing

Regular attic cleaning is vital to preventing the daunting task of addressing years of accumulated dirt and debris. Aim for a biannual or triannual cleaning routine to uphold a healthier home environment and fend off mold, moisture, and pests.

To maintain a consistently clean and organized attic, adopt an orderly approach to storage. Keep frequently used items within easy reach, reserving the back for sentimental or less regularly accessed belongings.

Thoughtfully organizing your freshly cleaned attic maximizes storage space. It facilitates regular dusting and sweeping, ensuring your attic remains functional and well-maintained.

Clean Your Attic by Professionals

For a consistently clean and organized attic, it’s essential to maintain an orderly storage system. Additionally, always keep a broom and duster within the room, ensuring a quick and efficient cleaning session each time you visit the attic.

The professionals from 2 Buckets Cleaning Service in Erie, CO, come well-prepared with specialized tools and cleaning products to ensure a thorough and complete attic cleaning. Our expertise and equipment allow us to reach every corner, leaving your attic spotless and fresh.

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