How to Keep the Office Break Room Constantly Clean

A well-kept workplace break room is essential for employee relaxation, sociability, and renewal. Employee morale, productivity, and overall well-being can suffer from a cluttered and disorderly break room.

To build a pleasant and sanitary workplace, it is critical to emphasize the cleanliness of this area, thereby boosting employee happiness and engagement.

Employers may build an engaging and sanitary break room that improves the overall employee experience and adds to a more positive work culture by employing the following strategies. These initiatives will create a more inviting atmosphere, promoting employee well-being and productivity.

This post will explore how to keep the office breakroom constantly clean. Let’s get started.

Making an Office Cleaning Routine

It is important to assign particular cleaning chores and follow a cleaning plan to maintain constant cleanliness in the break room. To efficiently distribute cleaning responsibilities among staff, consider team rotation, individual preferences, and skill sets.

Everyone contributes to the care of the facility by allocating tasks. Creating an office cleaning plan also builds a routine, which reduces the possibility of jobs being overlooked or forgotten.

It establishes a clear structure for staff to follow and guarantees that cleaning activities are completed regularly. Regular inspections are critical to preserving cleanliness.

Keep Office Cleaning Supplies Readily Available

Make cleaning products easily available to encourage personnel to maintain cleanliness. Employees are more likely to wash their dishes and wipe off unclean surfaces if dish soap, counter spray, disinfectant wipes, and paper towels are visible and immediately available on the counter.

It eliminates any justification for leaving a mess behind. Place sufficient garbage cans throughout the break room and ensure they are emptied regularly.

This will make it easier for staff to dispose of their waste and prevent overflowing containers. Making cleaning materials and garbage cans widely available fosters a culture of cleanliness and accountability among staff.


It’s essential to handle the situation of ignored or expired food in refrigerators/freezers to avoid mildew, smells, and potential sickness. Make it a business policy to dispose of personal food products before the weekend and community condiments and dressings two months after they are opened.

Provide blank or pre-printed day-of-the-week labels for staff to name and date their stored food to help clean the break room. It is advised that the interior of business refrigerators be cleaned and sanitized once a month, with weekly cleaning being ideal.

Additionally, sanitize the external handles and freezer ice scoop regularly to reduce germ transmission from commonly handled surfaces. Additionally, you can hire 2Buckets Office Cleaning Services in Boulder, CO, for deep breakroom cleaning.

Organize and Label Storage Areas

Keeping the break room orderly encourages cleanliness and simplifies staff upkeep. Organizing storage places such as cabinets, drawers, and shelves is important. Employees can readily reach what they require by decluttering and organizing stuff rationally.

Labeling storage facilities is also necessary to facilitate effective retrieval and storage of supplies and food products. Creating a system where everything has a specific location encourages cleanliness, saves time, and decreases aggravation while looking for objects.

Employees may easily identify and store products with well-organized storage facilities and clear labeling, contributing to a more streamlined and effective break room setting.

Keep Appliances Clean

Because of the number of hands that touch them, popular gadgets such as microwaves and coffee pot handles are magnets for germs and pathogens.

To minimize cross-contamination throughout your company, clean and disinfect the handles of all small appliances daily. Don’t forget to disinfect vending machine buttons, water fountain levers, and break room drawer and cabinet handles regularly.

A filthy microwave inside may be disgusting. Remove filth quickly by microwaving one cup of water for several minutes, then wipe away any dislodged splashes and splatters. Restore the appearance of coffee pots by using a good delimer to remove lime scale accumulation.

Keep the Floors Clean

Breakroom flooring is typically overlooked in favor of more public places. Yet, they must be kept clean and hazard-free since employees are prone to slips and falls. Spills should be cleaned up quickly for safety and to avoid attracting pests.

In your break room cleaning regimen, hard surfaces like tile and concrete should be swept daily and washed regularly. At the same time, carpeted sections should be vacuumed once a week and thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year. Not only is floor safety beneficial to the company, but it also benefits staff morale.

Hire 2Buckets Office Cleaning Service

You can prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria across your company by establishing a few easy maintenance standards and requesting your facility maintenance crew to make the break room a regular component of their cleaning rotation.

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